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Tractor Spares

Click here to access our Vapormatic Online Catalogue, showing thousands of parts and applications. All Vapormatic parts carry a 12 month parts and labour warranty, and are generally regarded as the best of the aftermarket brands.

Machinery Spares

Click here to access MyPartsPartner. Most parts here are of genuine origin, and all are far superior to the cheap spares offered by many companies.

Land Rover Parts

Click here to access the Britpart Online Catalogue. Britpart offer a wide range of vehicle parts and accessories. The accessory catalogue does not cover anything like the full range of parts available.

Albee Welding Gases

We supply Air Liquide’s Albee welding cylinders for Argon and Argon Mix. These cylinders are purchased rather than rented, so the running costs are substantially lower than using bottles from larger competitors.

Aspen Fuels

Aspen fuel is for anyone seeking a solution to the problems associated with regular petrol for the sake of their health, their engine or the environment. Both private individuals and professionals can buy Aspen in our country store. 2 Stroke comes already mixes in either a 1L or 5L. Apen 2 is a pre mixed with a high performance, biodegradable, fully synthetic 2- stoke oil. It is Blended at 50:1 (2%) and designed to work in air-cooled engines that require a pre mixed oil/petrol blend. it burns extremely cleaner with virtually no carbon build up, resulting in machines which last longer. With Aspen 2 you can be sure that your 2 stroke machines always get the correct mix. so better for you and you machine.

Aspen four is the ideal fuel for you lawnmower as it reduces harmful emissions and can be left in the tank without affecting the fuel system. your machine will easily start even after prolonged periods of storage with Aspen in the tank. Not only is Aspen 4 is a superb fuel for your lawn mower but also a perfect choice for your petrol fuelled generators, stoves, lanterns, outboard engines and anything else that runs on unleaded petrol.

Aspen Gives you the following benefits compared to ordinary gasoline.

    - Man - Aspen is virtually free of benzene, a compound recognised as causing cancer.

    - Aspen is very low in aromatics and olefins, both identified as very harmful

    - Easy starting and pre mixed is conventient

    - Aspen has less odour which provides a more pleasant working environment.

    - Machine- Clean burning fuel your engine stays cleaner, resulting in less maintenance and a longer engine life.

    - Aspen Fuel remains stable for up to 5 years.

    - Environment- Aspen fuel is low in olefins. Olefins are compounds identified as contributing to the formation of the ground level ozone which is harmful to the environment.

    - Aspen 2 contains a biodegradable, very high quality synthetic oil which has up to 60% renewable content.

    - Aspen is Ethanol free, Normal pump petrol contains an amount of ethanol which is not only aggressive to machine parts but absorbs moisture from the air which increases the corrosion in the fuel system and could result in starting problems. Aspen is ethanol free and could therefore save you from an expensive repair bill and inconvenience.

    Oils & Batteries

    We keep in stock a wide range of Oils and Batteries suitable for most tractor applications. We can get non standard items within a few days.

    Our batteries are made by Yuasa, one of the worlds largest battery manufacturers, and in our experience are an excellent quality battery for a competitive price. We do not sell ‘cheap’ batteries as we have found them not to be cost effective.

    Our oils are sourced through a local blender, using base oils from one of the largest oil producers in the UK. We can also supply Vapormatic oils for some specialist applications.

    Water Fittings

    We stock a wide range of Talbot push fit water fittings. These are a high quality British made fitting which requires no tightening on assembly, simply push the pipe into the fitting and it will seal! It can be simply released using a small plastic wedge which we also stock.

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